Role of biogas

Biogas technology has received outstanding attention among the European Union’s strategic programs, as it fits perfectly into the concept of sustainable development.

Biogas technology plays several important roles at the same time:

  • Biogas is a renewable, decentralized energy source.
  • Biogas is produced through environmentally friendly technology, as the uncontrolled amount of methane gas released into the atmosphere by rottening organic materials, which contributes to the Global Warming effect significantly, is being decreased.
  • Biogas plants can process, transform and neutralize most types of organic waste (e.g. animal waste), while renewable energy is produced.
  • After the treatment of organic material/waste, homogenous, good-quality fertiliser is produced, that can increase the production capacity of the soil immensely.
  • In biogas plants, it is possible to produce electric current and thermal energy out of energy plants grown on lands, where for some reason food or forage cultivation is not possible. In this way, biogas technology contributes to rural development and provides employment in economically less favoured areas.
  • After appropriate cleaning, biogas can be used as motor vehicle fuel, or be fed into the natural gas grid.