Agrotel products

The First Hungarian Biogas Ltd. offers gas storage and digester protection methods as well. For bigger biogas plants, we recommend double membrane gasholders, which ensure the digesters’ gastight enclosure; while in the case of smaller plants, the gas storage bag can serve as an excellent alternative, as it can be placed inside a separated building or a metal silo. Ferroconcrete structures can be safeguarded by the Wiretarp concrete protection foil.

Biogas storage methods

Double membrane gas storage tank

Air-cushioned roof construction with integrated gasholder; with specially coated interior membrane, which ensures gastightness and durability. The exterior membrane is UV-resistant. The lower construction is a strap-system with a central support pole made of stainless steel and a net covering the entire surface. Fully developed, combined, complete system with double function: digester covering and gas storage.

Gas storage bag (for biogas)

Made of a special membrane, which serves durable and gastight gas storage; UV-resistant; cylindrical, block-shaped or round design.

Digester covering – concrete protection foil

WIRETARP concrete protection foil is tailored to, and put on the upper part of the digester’s interior wall to protect the ceiling and the support pole. After this, ceiling foil and wall foil are welded together hermetically with the help of an extruder, wherefore it becomes completely smell- and gastight. The grooves are placed down sideways, and are connected in the same manner. Thanks to the excellent values regarding low methane gas permeability and tensile strength within concrete, Wiretarp can offer an effective solution for the protection of the digesters’ concrete structure against aggressive gases.

Hermetic tank covering - Membrane roof with central support pole

Central (mushroom-headed) metal support pole galvanized with zinc in V2A or V4A design. PVC coated polyester textile jacket of high tensile strength. Stainless elements are mounted on the digester’s wall in a distance of about 1,20 m from each other.

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